Knowing When To Call In The Experts For Blocked Drains

The average homeowner doesn’t have a lot of plumbing expertise, but it’s still possible to sort out minor problems without calling on professional help.

Some drain blockages can be cleared with just a few simple techniques such as a quick blast of boiling water, but if you don’t recognise when to call in the experts, you could end up making things even worse.

Here’s just a few reasons why it’s better to get professional help to unblock your drains.


Speed is of the essence

Some niggling problems such as a dripping tap don’t need to be fixed immediately and won’t cause any issues if you tinker with it for a few hours.

However, a blocked drain is a very different matter. Time is always of the essence unless you want sinks and toilets to overflow, and a very bad smell to waft into every room of your house…

If it’s only partially blocked there’s certain no harm trying a couple of quick techniques such as hot water or baking soda first, but if there’s a complete blockage you’ll need to get the experts in fast.

DIY won’t be the fastest solution and a blocked drain is not a problem that you’ll want to leave hanging around!

It could end up being more expensive

unblock drainOf course cost is an issue for many people, and any sensible homeowner would be reluctant to pay the call out charges for a job they could easily do themselves.

But if you don’t know what you’re doing and try to fix things yourself by using tools and equipment you’ve got no experience with, you could do some serious damage. This means that when you inevitably have to call out the professional they’ll not just need to unblock the drain but they’ll also need to repair whatever damage has been caused.

DIY repairs often start out with the best of intentions but unless you know what you’re doing, you could not only damage the pipes, but also injure yourself too. Don’t risk it.

Short-term solution

If your drains are blocked, there’s a good chance that unless a professional comes out to give them a deep and thorough clean, the problem will simply recur.

Cleaners that you can buy off the shelf are either too corrosive and can damage the pipes, or else are only minimally effective.

A quick fix is great to get things flowing again, but you’ll need to follow this up with an appointment with a drainage cleaning service to get a permanent resolution.

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