The Facts About Glasgow Lip Fillers

Lip fillers are a very popular trend today and not just for celebrities and movie stars, but for typical everyday people just like you.  A cosmetic surgeon injects a specialized dermal filler, composed of a variety of different substances, into your lips to give you that full, plump and pouty look that everyone longs to sport.  Sometimes referred to as hyaluronic acid fillers, lip fillers are fast becoming one of the most talked about and most sought after cosmetic procedures today.Lip Fillers

So How Safe are Lip Fillers?

Before investing time, money and emotions into having a procedure done, it is always best to perform your own due diligence to learn as much as possible about the product, the service, the service providers, and, of course, the cost.  Lip fillers are no exception to this rule.  In the course of your research, you want to be certain to research all the professionals out there and to choose a highly reputable professional to perform your lip filler procedure.

There are a variety of beauty salons and spas that are certified to provide lip fillers as well, but again make certain you dig deeply into your research before making that all-important decision.  Keep in mind, however, that if you choose to have your procedure done by someone other than a doctor, perhaps a beautician or aesthetician, they are not able to dissolve your filler should you decide you are not happy with your results nor are they able to prescribe any medications if anything were to go wrong with your procedure.

How long is the Procedure and How Long do the Fillers Last?

cosmetic proceduresThe length of the procedure will depend upon the individual and the amount of lip filler that is needed to achieve the results desired.  The length of time it takes for the procedure will vary from person to person, but typically it takes about a half an hour to perform.  Again, the procedure time will depend upon personal preferences, for instance, do you want to do one lip or two, or is there just one section of your lips that you want to give primary focus to.  All of these factors contribute to how long the procedure will take.

As for how long your fillers will last, lip fillers tend to last anywhere from four to six months.  The only negative characteristic that can affect the duration of your lip fillers is your body metabolism.  Normally, thinner people have a faster metabolism which means that the actual hyaluronic acid can break down quicker thereby reducing the ‘lifespan’ of your lip fillers.  Overall, however, they tend to last for a good four to six months.

Further, to be noted is the fact that since your doctor will apply a numbing cream in advance of the procedure, soreness is minimized so there is no cause for alarm with regard to any noticeable pain or soreness.

When Will I See Results?

Your results will be Lush Manchester Lip Fillers and immediate.  There will be a slight bit of swelling for the first 24 hours, but then you will be able to see your results immediately thereafter and are able to enjoy those results for several months moving forward.  If you find that you are not happy with your lip fillers, don’t fret.  The substance will break down and diminish over a period of a few months and your lips will be back to normal.  However, if you do not want to wait a few months and want your procedure reversed right away then your doctor can give you another injection to dissolve the filler within a short five or ten minutes and your lips will back to their pre-treatment appearance.  If you find yourself overjoyed with your results, then surely you can consult with your doctor further and learn what products and what looks will complement your overall features the best with your new ‘pouty, sexy lips.’

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